Georgia Ducks Unlimited License Plate

For the first time ever, a Georgia Ducks Unlimited license plate will soon be available. With the help of the Georgia General Assembly, a bill was passed during the 2018 Legislative Session making the license plate a reality.

The best news?

The proceeds from the sale of these tags will go right back in the ground to support wetlands conservation in the State of Georgia!

Tag Status Update

April 2, 2021
834!! During the month of March, 302 license plates were purchased. Our total sold to date is 834!

Once we meet the minimum requirements, we can begin to put license plates like the example above into production.  We are only 166 away from this 1,000 requirement.

If you have been waiting to see how close we are getting before you purchase, we are THIS close. Make your purchase. YOU will be the difference to get us there.

We have cleared all the necessary hurdles with the state. The only thing separating us from having these plates is the remaining 166 commitments by June 30th. We have the months of April, May, and June. That’s it. That is all the time we have before this plate is no longer available to us.

You have shown that you can commit to a tremendous amount in a short period of time. Let’s get these remaining 166 knocked out by April 30!

Share this with your friends, committee members, everyone you know. Let’s get it!


  • We must presell 1,000 tags at $25/tag to illustrate to the Georgia Department of Revenue that there is truly interest in this tag.
  • 100% of revenue from this license plate stays in Georgia and will be used by the GADNR for projects in our state
  • You can commit to multiple plates; one for each vehicle you own.
  • If you do not want to have one of these tags on your vehicle but would still like to see them on the roadways, you too can make the $25 commitment to help us reach the required 1,000. Consider it a donation to support the wetlands of your home state.
  • There is no risk.  If we do not meet the required 1,000 commitments, your money will be refunded.

Jeff Barnes
State Chairman
Georgia Ducks Unlimited

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